Friday, 15 April 2011

Thought provoking letter as the Great Glen grapples with how it contributes to Environmental challenges

Found this letter in the Inverness Courier and thought it worthy of further circulation.

Is there a case for protecting parts of the Highlands from Windfarms because after all our main industry is tourism and we should be protecting the enviroment and landscape that visitors want to see.

Are there sufficient other sites for the windfarms?

Are windfarms being driven by central funding which is perhaps not correctly aligned to protect the landscape? ie would it be better to focus our efforts on offshore wind, tide and wave energy? Or is it likely that windfarms are the quick and easy win in meeting our national energy reduction targets?

Farmers and landowners in the Highlands need income the same as anyone else so they cannot be blamed for taking advantage of the schemes.

Here is the letter

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