Monday, 27 January 2014

Good advice on car hire when visiting our guest house in Spean Bridge, near Fort William, Scotland (or indeed anywhere!)


I was thinking ahead to when our visitors start arriving and trying to think what other information would be useful to them.

Well I know when I go on holiday finding the best car hire and watching out for potential problems can be a bit of a head ache so why not read this article on Money Saving which goes into great and useful detail.

I know I have saved a fortune on "excess policy" costs by using this site and so have some of our guests including those from continental Europe coming to Scotland.

So go ahead and have a good read before its too late but one other tip - get a road map. Sat Nav is all very well but a map will always be by your side and the battery will not fail (:-)

And some ideas of what to do when you are here

Enjoy your week ahead


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